Neela VishnuDr. Neela Vishnu with celebrities at a college event
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We all grew up listening to and strongly believing in the very famous proverb – ‘Rome was not built in a day’. But Dr. Neela Vishnu has proved to the world that with great perseverance, hard work and strong will to do something great not only for oneself but for many others one can achieve great heights.

Neela Vishnu

Today, we take this platform to appreciate a very hardworking, determined and great man for everything he has done for the society especially for the younger generation who are the future of our developing nation.  Dr. Neela Vishnu is the Managing Director of Rohini College of Engineering and Technology, which proudly stands among the top 5 colleges in Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts. He has worked day and night to bring this prestigious college to its glory. He has been breaking all the stereotypes by also being among the youngest Directors of the top colleges in Tamil Nadu. He is an inspiration for everyone. The college was established in the year 2009 by his father Shri. K Neela Marthandan and we can’t thank him enough for gifting the education field with this college. Dr. Neela Vishnu has just started his journey and we will not be surprised to see his institute’s name in the top 5 colleges of the state in couple more years as he was the one who made it possible for the institute to reach at this position in such a short span of time. It takes years and generations after generations to achieve something he has achieved. This gives us more reasons to admire Dr. Neela Vishnu’s great intellect and business skills.

Neela Vishnu
Dr. Neela Vishnu with celebrities at Rohini college event

Another best thing about him is that he is the coolest director the students could ever get. He knows and understands what his staff and students like and so he never fails to surprise his people by organizing so many events and inviting very famous celebrities. He also has given the facility of free Wi-Fi to his students because as we mentioned, he knows his people and understands their requirements.  The institute is always all over the media for their involvement in activities which is equally important as studies are. He understands and cares about his students and knows the amount of pressure they have and so he never backs down from doing anything to make them feel at home! Dr. Neela Vishnu masters the art of standing out and being unique and we can see that in his institute and everything about it. From sports, extracurricular activities to the campus infrastructure, everything about Rohini College is different and attractive at the same time. He likes to keep his people happy and is a very down to earth person. He believes that sitting in a cabin on a comfortable chair does not earn success and that is why he is known and loved for being directly involved in the functioning of the college and even with the students and staff. That is another reason why there has always been a continuous increase in the graph of the number of admissions that takes place every year. We all cannot wait to watch him excel his leadership skills and break some more stereotypes.

Dr. Neela Vishnu’s 28th birthday was celebrated today by the students and staff of his college. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there to be a part of his own birthday celebration as he had to take care of other official business. This again shows how determined and focused he is. The students and staff of Rohini College made sure to celebrate the big day by sharing sweets and gifts.

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  1. […] Dr. Neela Vishnu is a gem that adorns the cap of Rohini College. He is an enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant educationalist. His mission is to give quality education to the students and improve their living standards. He is a diligent and a dedicated person and is a role model for the younger generation. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from M.S. University in 2011 and has completed his MBA (finance and marketing) from SRM University in 2013. It’s safe to say that this genius had achieved tremendous heights at a very young age. Dr. Vishnu received the prestigious Rashtra Vibhushan Award for his excellent contribution to education and Social Development in 2015 and also received an honorary doctoral letter for his excellent contribution in social service in the year 2018. […]

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