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apple_watchseries4_big1Maybe the Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But the fact is that the Apple Watch is not just the top smartwatch, but also the top watch in the world. This is because Apple was very careful from the very start not sell the Apple Watch as just a smartwatch, it was always a lifestyle accessory, even a piece of jewellery if the need arises. We often tend to forget the fact that for men a watch is among the few personal accessories on which money can be splurged.

But Apple has over the years also developed the Apple Watch into a unique health product too. With deep integration with Medical Kit and collaboration with top institutes on how to use this data, along with the accessibility aspects of the Watch, it has moved into a territory where there is hardly any competition.

Now with the Apple Watch Series 4, the watch will have a better grip on your health, thanks to the addition of ECG in the features with an electrode ring enabling the process. And that is not the only insight the new Apple Watch will have on your cardiac health. It will also wake up when the heart beat is a bit too low to be normal, or when your heart is beating irregularly indicating something could be wrong. Just these three features can help hundreds of lives across the world.

But having these features, especially the ECG, on your wrist could open up a whole lot of new use cases and challenges. For instance, we don’t know how people will react to having real-time data on how their heart is working. Will we become more cautious or will that make us more care-free? These are new questions for new times… no pun intended.

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There is more. When the watch detects you have had a hard fall, it will alert your SOS contact. Since falls are usually involuntary and not all of them might happen in places you want to be found in, would you want the world to know right-away? Again questions we will need to explore soon.

But the positives of having a device that literally keep an eye on your health, I think, far outweigh the nuances of getting to live with new technology. I have been a diabetic for a decade and, trust me, I know how some extra data helps.

Apple Watch Series 4 has had some design changes too with the sizes going 2mm up to 40mm and 44mm. This also means there is a 30 per cent larger display, though the watch is pretty much the same size. On close inspection you can see that the display now blends into the sides and looks more like a composite unit, but overall the watch does look almost similar to earlier versions. The microphone and speaker are now on different sides so as to cut echo on calls.

I really enjoyed the new watch faces that show more complications and give you more data in one glance. Also, pushing the breathe app to become a full watch face seems like a very good idea at the moment.

There is no date yet on when the Apple Watch Series 4 will be available in India and what it will cost. Also, the best feature, the ECG, will be limited to the US when it is rolled out later this year.

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