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In October last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘roll-on-roll-off’ (Ro-Ro) ferry service between Ghogha in Saurashtra and Dahej in south Gujarat. Almost a year later, the ‘world class’ ferry service remains suspended

The terminal is now non-functional and deserted. People here say that during the monsoon months, the ferry is unable to sail through the currents of the gulf and therefore, the service is suspended. The services may resume after September 15.

Surprisingly, the village where the terminal is located, remains unaffected by the arrival of the ‘world class’ service. With lanes full of dusty potholes, garbage dumps on the sides of the roads and open ponds from where women fetch water, it is nearly impossible to believe that Ghogha village is home to the much acclaimed project.

While inaugurating the project, PM Modi had said, “This is also a unique project as the State government has used the latest technology to make this ferry service possible.”

But today, to reach to the terminal of this “dream project“, one has to find their way through herds of cows all along the highway.

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