Fahadh Faasil opens up about his perspective on cinemaFahadh Faasil opens up about his perspective on cinema
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In a recent interview, Fahadh Faasil, one of India’s most celebrated actors, reflected on his career choices and aspirations, emphasizing a desire to immerse himself in diverse roles across languages rather than chasing stardom.

Faasil’s versatility has garnered attention not only in Malayalam cinema but also in other South Indian film industries. His willingness to step into supporting roles in films like “Super Deluxe,” “Pushpa: The Rise,” “Vikram,” and “Maamannan” reflects his commitment to talent collaboration and creative exploration beyond his comfort zone.

During a conversation with Galatta Plus, amidst the acclaim for his latest release “Aavesham,” Faasil elucidated his approach to film projects. He highlighted that his engagements in other language films are driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, rather than a pursuit of iconic roles. “I just want to go there, interact with them, ask questions about how they shot certain sequences in some beloved films,” he shared.

Faasil’s unconventional attitude towards his career is evident in his relaxed approach to timelines and project selection. He emphasized that his commitments to his audience are centered on delivering enjoyable cinematic experiences, rather than cultivating a larger-than-life persona. “Just don’t take me seriously once you leave theatres,” he expressed, urging viewers to focus solely on his performances within the cinematic realm.

Championing a perspective that extends beyond the confines of cinema, Faasil encouraged audiences to engage with life’s myriad experiences. “There’s more that you can do with your life than watching cinema,” he asserted, advocating for a balanced perspective on entertainment and personal growth.

Drawing inspiration from stalwarts like Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar, Faasil expressed admiration for their intermittent retreats from the limelight. “I don’t want anyone to talk about me or celebrate me. Just watch my films and that too only if it’s good and if it’s not good, don’t watch it,” he asserted, echoing a sentiment of humility and artistic integrity.

As Faasil gears up for his upcoming venture in director Sukumar’s “Pushpa 2: The Rule,” reprising his role as the main antagonist, he continues to exemplify a commitment to artistic exploration and a philosophy that transcends mere stardom.

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