Aayush Sharma is gearing up for the release of RuslaanAayush Sharma is gearing up for the release of Ruslaan
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Actor Aayush Sharma, well-known as Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, recently shared insights into his decision to pursue a career in acting instead of following the footsteps of his family members into politics. Despite hailing from a lineage of politicians in Himachal Pradesh, including his father Anil Sharma and late grandfather Sukh Ram, Aayush revealed that politics does not resonate with his personal aspirations.

In an interview with Pinkvilla ahead of the release of his upcoming action film “Ruslaan,” Aayush candidly expressed that acting wasn’t initially a clear career path for him. He recounted his early struggles in cracking auditions, indicating that the entertainment industry wasn’t an immediate choice.

“Acting was not a definitive thought process. The thought of not being in politics came only with the emotion that if you can do something with your heart only if you know your heart is in the right place,” he explained.

Despite making his debut in Bollywood with “Loveyatri” in 2018 and subsequently appearing in films like “Antim: The Final Truth” and “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” alongside his brother-in-law Salman, Aayush admitted that he lacks the innate ability to connect with people, a crucial skill in politics.

Reflecting on his father’s and grandfather’s knack for resonating with people’s emotions, Aayush acknowledged, “I didn’t feel that I have that in me.”

Furthermore, he disclosed his passion for acting and the film industry, emphasizing his dedication and enthusiasm for the craft. “Today, when I am in the movies, I am passionate about it, I can give it as many hours. I don’t consider this work,” he asserted.

In a previous interview with Hindustan Times in 2018, Aayush had hinted at the possibility of entering politics in the future, albeit with reservations about his readiness and commitment. He emphasized the importance of wholeheartedly serving the people, indicating that his current focus lies on his acting career.

Despite facing initial skepticism from his father regarding his prospects in Bollywood, Aayush persevered through the challenges and carved his path in the film industry. Recalling his father’s discouraging remarks about his physical attributes and potential in showbiz, Aayush shared his journey of overcoming obstacles to establish himself as an actor.

As he continues to navigate the entertainment industry, Aayush Sharma’s journey serves as a testament to determination and resilience in pursuing one’s dreams despite initial setbacks.

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