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In a recent roundtable discussion, Rani Mukerji set off a spirited debate with her impassioned defense of Indian cinema’s global supremacy. The actress, not an active presence on social media, found herself trending after a clip from the Galatta Plus roundtable surfaced. The discussion, featuring filmmaker Prithvi Konanur, took an interesting turn when Prithvi praised Iranian cinema, prompting Rani to counter that India produces the finest films globally, citing the success of the recent sleeper hit “12th Fail.”

Prithvi Konanur expressed his admiration for Iranian films, emphasizing their advanced ideas compared to Indian cinema. He urged viewers to explore Iranian cinema and appreciate its unique storytelling. Rani Mukerji promptly interrupted, expressing offense at the suggestion that Indian cinema should learn from others. Defending India’s diverse storytelling, she recommended watching “12th Fail” as a testament to the brilliance of Indian filmmaking.

“12th Fail,” starring Vikrant Massey, emerged as an unexpected hit last year, garnering acclaim from both audiences and critics. The film tells the real-life story of a police officer, Manoj Sharma, and a revenue officer, Shraddha Joshi, portraying their journey from extreme poverty and academic struggles to professional success.

However, Rani’s claim that Indian cinema reigns supreme received mixed reactions on social media. While some agreed with her perspective, many disagreed, questioning the international standing of Indian films and criticizing Bollywood’s cinematic quality. Some argued that Indian cinema had declined since the 80s, and comments also surfaced criticizing Rani for not allowing Prithvi Konanur to express his viewpoint during the roundtable discussion.

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By Alwin Santhosh


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