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Nagercoil witnessed a gastronomic spectacle as the “Namma Uru Parotta Suri Competition” took center stage at Mayandi Vilas, a private restaurant located in the Nanjil Kottar area of Kanyakumari district.

The unique competition set an appetizing challenge – participants had to devour 25 parathas within a mere 15 minutes. Those who successfully met this gastronomic feat were crowned the victors, while participants unable to finish the designated 25 parathas within the time limit were required to pay for the parathas they had consumed.

This distinct eating competition spanned three days, drawing enthusiastic participation from youths hailing from various parts of the district.

Manikandan, the triumphant contestant from the Mailadi region, shared his experience, stating, “I learned about this unique competition at a shop in Nagercoil through a friend, and I decided to participate. Winning the tournament is indeed gratifying, and the parottas I received were the same as those offered to everyone else – nothing different. It’s an inclusive way for everyone to join in the fun.”

The Namma Uru Parotta Suri Competition not only provided a platform for showcasing extraordinary appetites but also added a touch of excitement to the culinary scene in Nagercoil. The event brought together food enthusiasts and showcased the community spirit that thrives in the city, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared enjoyment.

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