Police batoned people who protested today in NagercoilPolice batoned people who protested today in Nagercoil
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There are more than 250 houses in 14th Ward Arunthathiyar Street under Manaka Ratshi in Nagercoil. The people here have been demanding for a long time that the government should grant the land title to the houses they live in. A petition has also been filed in the collector’s office in this regard. They were also holding demonstrations asking for a belt.

In this situation, the people of Arundha Thier Street protested there demanding a belt. Vadaseri police came to the spot after getting information about this. The protestors demanded that their houses be sealed.

Protesters marched from the street to the road. They protested by standing on the roadside.

All the men, women and children who were involved in the protest suddenly sat on the road and started picketing. The police who were on security duty then said that picketing was not allowed.

However, the people ignored the police and continued to block the road. Meanwhile, Tahsildar Rajesh, Nagercoil Deputy Superintendent of Police Naveen Kumar and Inspectors Ramar, Thirumurugan and Arun, who came to know about this, held talks with the people involved in the road blockade. But the people did not give up the strike.

At that time, a 30-year-old youth who was involved in the blockade suddenly tried to commit suicide by taking a can of kerosene in his hand. He poured the mud oil all over his body. Seeing this, the police snatched the can from the youth. And they poured water on him. There was a stir due to this incident.

Following this, the police started arresting those involved in the blockade. Later, the police arrested more than 30 women who participated in the protest and put them in a government bus. And the picketing men were put into a minibus.

Then the picketers refused to board the minibus. This led to a scuffle and scuffle between the police and the picketing men.

Enraged, the protesters picked up stones lying on the road and started throwing them at the mini bus and the police. The front glass of the minibus was shattered. Also 3 people including Kottar Police Inspector Ram and Policeman Jose were injured in the stone pelting.

As the situation went out of control, the police used batons on the protestors. Unable to resist the baton of the police, the picketing men started running away from all four sides.

3 people including Kumar and Krishnan were injured in the baton of the police. They were admitted to the nearest urban health facility for treatment. One policeman was also injured. The party made the Krishnankovil road area a battlefield due to the baton of the fake sir.

Following this, the police went house to house and searched for the protesters who fled.

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