Protests at 3 places to condemn the incident in Manipur
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Manipur incident

A protest was held in front of Veppamoodu Park in Nagercoil on behalf of Kumari district branch of the Tamil Nadu Women’s Link Group, condemning the central and state BJP government for failing to control the riots in Manipur. Led by Litwin Mary, coordinator of the organization.

A large number of college students and women took part in the protest and protested by carrying candles in their hands and tying black cloths around their mouths.


Similarly, a demonstration was held in front of the collector’s office in Nagercoil on behalf of the Indian Democratic Youth Association. District President Sajan presided. Administrators including Vipin and Pravin participated in this and raised slogans of condemnation.

The Tamil Nadu People’s Party held a demonstration at Vadaseri Junction in Nagercoil demanding the implementation of President’s rule in Manipur and the provision of protection to women there. Makalirani Secretary Thangam presided. State President Dhinakaran gave a speech of condemnation. Administrators Rama, Rani and many others participated in this.

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