Kidnapped 4-month-old baby rescued in KeralaKidnapped 4-month-old baby rescued in Kerala
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4-month-old baby abducted from Nagercoil bus station rescued by private forces in Kerala The police arrested the husband and wife in this connection.

Abduction of 4-month-old baby

A large number of people are staying in Nagercoil Vadaseri bus stand area and are doing business with needles, bacimalai etc. In this case, Muthuraja (24 years old), a resident of Valliyur Parknagar Narikuruvar Colony, Nellai District, stayed and traded with his wife Jyotika (20) and a 4-month-old baby boy. The child’s name is Hari. As usual, both husband and wife were sleeping at the bus station with their child on the night of 23rd.

When Muthuraja woke up early in the morning, he was shocked. He did not see the child who was sleeping next to him. At once, nervously, he woke up the passengers and those who were sleeping there and inquired. They said that a woman picked up the child in the middle of the night and thought that the child was hers.

Alarmed, Muthuraja lodged a complaint with the Vadaseri police. Accordingly, the police registered a case and conducted an investigation. The child abduction incident at Nagercoil bus station caused a stir.

Individual organization

Following this, the police swung into action. They seized the surveillance camera in the bus station area and analyzed the scene recorded in it. In it, there was a scene of a woman carrying Muthuraja’s child in the middle of the night. Based on that, who is the woman who kidnapped the child? They expedited the investigation.

At the same time, 3 separate teams were formed under the supervision of Nagercoil Deputy Superintendent of Police Naveen Kumar and headed by Vadaseri Police Inspector Thirumurugan to rescue the child. After examining the surveillance camera footage, the police suspected that the child might have been abducted to Kerala. As a result, police stations including Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam were informed and alerted.

Child rescue in Kerala

In this situation, the Kollam police received information that a husband and wife with a child were roaming around suspiciously at the Kollam railway station. Immediately the police tracked down the 2 people.

Following this, when both were caught and interrogated, they contradicted each other. Following this, it was revealed that they were Narayanan (48) and his wife Shanti (50) from Vattakkottai area near Kanyakumi. They also admitted to abducting the child from Vadassery bus station in Nagercoil.

Husband and wife arrested

The Kerala Police informed the Vadaseri Police about the rescue of the child. Immediately the police rushed there and rescued the child. Narayanan, who had abducted the child, also arrested Shanthi and brought him to Vadassery police station in Nagercoil. The police suspected that the arrested couple might be involved in child trafficking in various places. Because of this, they were interrogated.

Meanwhile, District Superintendent of Police Harikiran Prasad handed over the rescued child to the parents at Vadaseri police station. The parents tearfully thanked the police as they were happy to have their child back.

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