RailwayA file photo of passengers trying to board Parasuram Express in Kozhikode railway station.
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Unreserved coaches will be restored in some trains from May 1 as they existed during the
pre-COVID-19 period, according to the Southern Railway.

Some of the trains are No. 22638 Mangaluru Central-Chennai Central West Coast Express;
No. 22637 Chennai Central- Mangaluru Central West Coast Express; No. 06602 Mangaluru
Central- Madgaon Junction – Daily Unreserved Special; train No. 06601 Madgaon –
Mangaluru Central Daily Unreserved Special; No. 16160 Mangaluru Central- Chennai
Egmore Express; and train No. 16159 Chennai Egmore – Mangaluru Central Express.

The othertrains are No. 16540 Mangaluru Junction – YesvantpurJunction Mail Express; No.
16576 Mangaluru Junction – YesvantpurJunction Express; No. 16605 Mangaluru CentralNagercoil Ernad Express; and No. 16606 Nagercoil- Mangaluru Central Ernad Express.

Train No. 16650 Nagercoil Junction – Mangaluru Central Daily Parasuram Express; No.
16649 Mangaluru Central – Nagercoil Junction Daily Parasuram Express; No. 22609
Mangaluru Central – Coimbatore Junction Intercity Superfast Express and No. 22610
Coimbatore Junction – Mangaluru Central Intercity Superfast Express

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