Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticises PM Modi's remark made at Rajasthan rallyPriyanka Gandhi Vadra criticises PM Modi's remark made at Rajasthan rally
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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent ‘mangalsutra’ comment, recalling the sacrifices made by women in her family for the nation’s cause.

Speaking at a rally in Bengaluru, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra responded to the PM’s remarks, stating, “For the past two days, there’s been talk that Congress aims to snatch your ‘mangalsutra’ and gold. The country has seen 70 years of independence, with Congress ruling for 55 years. Did anyone seize your gold or ‘mangalsutra’ during this time?”

She went on to recount the contribution of her mother, Indira Gandhi, during wartime, highlighting, “During the war, Indira Gandhi sacrificed her gold for the nation. My mother’s mangalsutra was sacrificed for the country… The truth is, these (BJP) individuals cannot comprehend the struggles faced by women.”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s remarks referenced the tragic assassination of her father, Rajiv Gandhi, by Sri Lankan Tamil extremists in 1991.

The mangalsutra, a symbol of marriage worn by Hindu women, became the focal point of controversy after PM Modi’s speech in Rajasthan’s Banswara on April 21. He alleged that the Congress planned to distribute people’s hard-earned assets to “infiltrators” and those with more children.

Reacting to PM Modi’s comments, Congress leader P Chidambaram condemned the remarks as indicative of the BJP’s “pathological fear of defeat.” He expressed skepticism over the claim that the Congress would seize mangalsutras and redistribute temple properties.

The Congress party lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against PM Modi, accusing him of targeting a specific religious community during his Banswara rally speech.

The Election Commission confirmed receiving the complaint and stated that it was under review.

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