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As the consecutive 5-day Pongal holiday concludes, Southern Railway has introduced a special train from Nagercoil to Chennai to accommodate passengers returning to the city.

The Pongal festival brought a series of holidays, prompting lakhs of people to travel from Chennai to various towns to celebrate the occasion with their families. With the Pongal holiday period ending today, schools and government offices are set to reopen tomorrow.

Over the five consecutive days of holidays starting from the previous Saturday, more than 15 lakh people traveled from Chennai via special trains and buses. As regular work resumes tomorrow, there has been a surge in travelers returning to Chennai, causing overcrowding in buses and trains.

To facilitate the public’s convenience, special buses and trains have been introduced. Southern Railway has announced a special train from Nagercoil to Tambaram. Departing Nagercoil at 4:30 PM today, the train (Train No. 06128/06127) is scheduled to reach Tambaram at 4:10 AM tomorrow. Subsequently, it will depart Tambaram at 8 AM tomorrow and reach Nagercoil at 10 PM.

The special train service comprises 11 AC coaches, five reserved coaches, and two unreserved coaches. The train’s route includes stops at Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Madurai, and Trichy. Southern Railway has initiated the booking process for this special train service.

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By Alwin Santhosh


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