Google may soon lay off 30,000 employees in its ad sales division
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In the wake of significant layoffs impacting around 15,000 Google employees, reports suggest that discontent has surged among the workforce, leading to planned protests against the tech giant. The Alphabet Workers Union organized demonstrations at five Google campuses across the United States on January 18, from Mountain View, California, to New York.

The protests aim to challenge what the union perceives as “bogus talking points” used by Google to justify its recent decision-making processes, particularly in the aftermath of a round of layoffs affecting over 1,000 employees across various divisions.

Expressing dissatisfaction, Stephen McMurtry, a senior software engineer and the communications chair of the Alphabet Workers Union, highlighted the chaos, increased workloads, and widespread anxiety among employees following the layoffs. Nearly 15,000 colleagues have been impacted by layoffs over the past year, according to the union.

In response to criticism, Google defended its actions, citing responsible investment in the company’s priorities and opportunities. The company acknowledged organizational changes involving “some role eliminations globally” and emphasized its commitment to assisting affected employees in finding new roles, both within and outside the company.

Amid the planned protests, Kenneth Smith, an engineering manager at Google, criticized the impersonal nature of layoff notifications, advocating for a more humane approach, including face-to-face meetings in such situations. The discontent extends beyond protests, with Gergely Orosz, a software engineer and tech commentator, joining the criticism against Google’s layoff procedures. Orosz highlighted a concerning trend where employees with years of service receive termination notices via email, sparking discussions about loyalty and commitment in corporate decisions.

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