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n a shocking turn of events, the lifeless body of Rajakumar (41), a fishmonger from Paliyadi in Kanyakumari district, was discovered floating in a pond in the Murungaivilai area. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving Kumari residents on edge.

Rajakumar, a married man with two children, owned a fish business in the local area. His mysterious disappearance began last night when he left home and failed to return. Concerned about his absence, his wife, Kasthuri, initiated a search but couldn’t locate him. Fearing the worst, she filed a complaint at the Takkalai Police Station.

The grim discovery occurred when individuals bathing in the pond stumbled upon a floating body this morning. Promptly, they notified the Thakalai Police Department, who swiftly arrived at the scene to investigate. The retrieved body was identified as Rajakumar during the course of their examination.

The police, now treating the case as a potential homicide, uncovered injuries on Rajakumar’s body. Notably, bloodstains were found on the pond’s bank, further raising suspicions of foul play. The authorities promptly transported the body to Asaripallam Government Hospital for a thorough postmortem examination.

Initial investigations have revealed a checkered past for Rajakumar, including instances of assault. The police are actively pursuing the theory that personal enmity might be the motive behind the crime. This theory suggests that individuals connected to previous altercations with Rajakumar might have been involved in his untimely demise.

As the community grapples with the shocking news, the police are intensifying their efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding the fishmonger’s tragic end. The incident has left Kumari in a state of unease, with many anxiously awaiting updates on the ongoing investigation.

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