No ‘freedom’ in Kerala for Journalists: Mohamed RiyasP A Mohamed Riyas.
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Referring to the results of the 2021 election as proof, Riyas said that channel discussions are only good to be in trash bins.

KANNUR: Works Minister P A Mohamed Riyas on Tuesday took a jibe at media houses in the state saying that journalists are a section of society that is yet to get freedom. “Journalists are unfortunately made to dance to the tune of the owners of media houses. Channel discussions are only good to be in trash bins. The result of the 2021 elections is proof of this,” he told reporters.

Riyas also mocked the media houses’ take on the controversy surrounding Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s family. “The current commotion is the result of the political interests of media owners,” said Riyas. 

Reacting to the Independence Day speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, Modi mentioned the Manipur riots as if he was coming to know about the issue for the first time.

“The country has reached a point where citizens can’t even read books of their interests. It is learnt that the government would now decide the books to be bought for a library,” he said.

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