Children’s affection struggle is lost.. The woman who went to the police station with a cheater
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A young woman who says she doesn’t want children and moves in with her boyfriend

Nagercoil: There was a big protest by children at Marthandam police station in Kanyakumari district. But before the forgery, the battle of affection was lost. A commotion was caused by a woman who left her husband and 2 children and went with a counterfeiter saying that she wanted a counterfeiter.

Counterfeiting is becoming commonplace. A wife who doesn’t like her husband and a husband who doesn’t like her husband want extramarital affairs. Society never accepted their love. Those who received it will not accept it either. But they do this in violation of harmony and relations. Frauds don’t usually end smoothly. They end up dirty in the society.

A woman has left her husband and two children in Kanyakumari district saying that cheating is more important to her than her children. In the panchayat held at the police station, the woman went away with Kallakadalan instead of going to the children who called her with affection. Let’s see about this.

A mason Ramesh (name changed) is 29 years old from Natalam Itavilakam area near Marthandam in Kanyakumari district. Kothanar is working abroad. He is working. He fell in love with and married a 25-year-old girl, Lakshmi (name changed), 6 years ago from Teyyavattam area. They have a 5 year old son and a daughter. They are twins.

As mason Ramesh was working abroad, Lakshmi lived with her 2 children at her husband’s house in the premises. Ramesh had told them to call his cousin, a 27-year-old man next door, if they needed any help. The young man is not yet married. After that, the young man often came to Lakshmi’s house and did little and small favors from time to time. In this situation, the young man and Lakshmi eventually became familiar and turned into a fake love.

While they were deeply in love with each other, suddenly one day Lakshmi took her 2 children and went to her parents’ house in Vayyavattam. He left the children there and said that he was going to the bank. He never returned home after that.

Lakshmi’s parents filed a missing complaint at Marthandam police station. Based on the complaint, the police conducted an investigation through the cell phone signal. Then, it was revealed that the mysterious young lady was staying with a young man in Kerala. After that, the police contacted the young woman and told her to come to the police station.

Accordingly, the day before yesterday, Lakshmi came to Marthandam police station with her fake lover. Both the parents were also informed about this. The girl’s parents brought her two children to the police station.

On seeing the young girl, the 2 children called ‘Mother..’ and ran away and tried to kill her. But the young girl did not accept the children’s affection struggle. The parents of the young girl showed the children and begged them to leave the adultery and come with them. But the young woman did not listen to anything. He

He said firmly that he will go with Lalakkathalan. They went back in tears. Then the police gave various instructions to Lakshmi. But, the young woman did not accept anything. With no other option, the police sent the young woman away with her boyfriend.

Lakshmi’s parents took the two children and returned in tears. The condition of the children who went with their grandmother without even knowing that their mother had abandoned them was pitiful. The incident created a commotion at the Marthandam police station.

A young woman who says she doesn’t want children and moves in with her boyfriend in marthandam police station kanniaykumari. A woman left her husband and 2 children and went with a counterfeiter in Marthandam, Kanyakumari district.

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