3 people, including the owner of the financial institution, were sentenced to life imprisonment3 people, including the owner of the financial institution, were sentenced to life imprisonment
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The Nagercoil court sentenced 3 people, including the owner of a financial institution, to life imprisonment in the case of the murder of a teenager in Nagercoil.

David (age 26) from Vaidyanathapuram, Kottar, Nagercoil. He used to work as a cash collector in a financial institution in the area. His mother Shanti reportedly stopped David from going to work, saying that working in a financial institution would give him a bad name. As a result, David stopped going to work for the financial institution.

In this regard, there was a dispute between Ramesh (38) and David, who is the owner of a financial institution and belongs to Isanganvilai in Nagercoil. Meanwhile on 15-1-2015 David went to a temple festival in Vaidyanathapuram. At that time, a total of 7 people including Rajan alias Paramarajan, Ramesh, Kannan (40) from Isanganvilai, Wilson (37) from Melaputheri and 3 others hacked him to death with a sickle.

Life imprisonment for 3 persons

On the complaint filed by David’s mother Shanti regarding this murder incident, the Kotar police arrested 7 persons including Rajan alias Paramarajan and Ramesh and filed a case in Additional Quick Sessions Court in Nagercoil. Justice Joseph Joy was hearing the case. Kannan, one of the seven accused in the case, and Shanti, mother of the complainant, David, died while the trial was going on.

Due to this, the case investigation was going on against the 6 accused in this case. The verdict in this case was pronounced yesterday. At that time, Judge Joseph Joy sentenced 3 of the 6 accused, Rajan alias Paramarajan, Ramesh, and Wilson, to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs.5,000 each, and one year in jail in default of payment. The other 3 were acquitted as they were not found guilty. In this case, State Criminal Additional Public Prosecutor Mathijalagan appeared and argued for the state.

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