Vijay Deverakonda, Liger MovieActor Vijay Deverakonda, who has been on a promotional spree for his pan Indian film Liger
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Actor Vijay Deverakonda, who has been on a promotional spree for his pan Indian film Liger, on Saturday strongly reacted to the boycott culture that has gripped Hindi cinema and its actors of late, even as ‘boycott Liger movie’ trended on Twitter with over one lakh tweets.

During a press event in Vijaywada, the Arjun Reddy actor addressed the issue by stating that he is unfazed by the boycott trend as the Liger team has put in their heart and soul into the film. The actor also pointed out that this cancel culture emerged only in the past few years.

Three years back, in 2019 we started this film. Back then, this ‘boycott Bollywood’ wasn’t there. All this started in the lockdown and we were already into the shooting schedules by that time. At that time, we felt like there was no option better than Karan (Johar) sir to take our movie India-wide. He took Baahubali and showed us a way in North India which was an unknown territory for us. Script and production was ours. When we requested him to release the movie in Hindi, he warmly took it and now we got humongous reach in the North,” Vijay was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

The actor, who plays the role of an MMA fighter in the film, expressed his displeasure at the social media hatred. “I don’t know exactly what is their (online trolls) issue and what they want. We are correct on our side. I was born in Hyderabad. Charmme was born in Punjab. Puri sir was born in Narsipatnam. Shouldn’t we work? We have worked hard for three years to make this cinema. Shouldn’t we release our movies?”

He continued, “When we are correct and when we do our dharma, there is no need to listen to anybody and let there be anything coming, we must fight. I have no fear and I know that in complete honesty, we have done it with our hearts. We all are from this country and we know how much we do for our people and country. We are not from that batch who sits in front of computers and tweets.”

Earlier, in a tweet, Vijay Deverakonda responded to the negative things being said about him and wrote, “Anybody trying to grow in their field. Will Always have a Target on their back – But we fightback. And when you are honest, yourself and want the best for everyone – The love of people and God will protect you.”

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