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Paul Kershaw is someone who harnesses the power of the wind and sun.

Every morning at his home near Cambridge in the UK, Mr Kershaw charges up his Nissan Leaf, in part from the 12 turbines at the Red Tile Wind Farm a few kilometres west and the Ryston Solar Farm a few kilometres north.

Every evening, Mr Kershaw, 51, then unleashes that same power to his neighbours, right when they need it most.

Mr Kershaw, who is retired on disability, only drives his car on occasion — mainly when it is time to take his dog on a scenic walk.

“It is just a really great feeling knowing you are doing something positive,” Mr Kershaw says. “It is not just a car any more … the solution is in the problem.”

Mr Kershaw is one of 350 UK residents who have been pumping electricity from their vehicles to surrounding homes and businesses since 2018, a nascent bit of energy arbitrage known as vehicle-to-grid charging, or V2G.

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