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The two candidates who get through to the final round of the Conservative leadership race on Wednesday face an intense six weeks of campaigning to become the next British prime minister.

The final three – Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss and Penny Mordaunt – will be whittled down to two on Wednesday afternoon.

They will travel around Britain undertaking two hustings a week, in which Tory members will question them forensically on their policies, plans, past actions and character. The first husting is expected to take place in northern England on Thursday next week.

There will be at least one television debate, which the BBC is hosting on Monday night, despite the two previous debates resulting in “blue-on-blue” with the candidates criticising each other.

The final duo will also conduct a series of interviews with local newspapers, radio stations and other outlets in an attempt to convince the Conservative Party’s 160,000 members that they have the leadership qualities to become prime minister.

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