Chandrayaan-2ISRO raises Chandrayaan-2 orbit further
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Lunar lander craft is working well, says agency

Chandrayaan-2 was working well after its orbit around the Earth was raised further in a 15-minute post midnight manoeuvre, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said on Friday.

ISRO raises Chandrayaan-2 orbit further

“All spacecraft parameters are normal,” said an update.

The spacecraft has been orbiting the Earth since July 22. Eng

This was the second of four operations planned at its Earth-phase before the spacecraft shoots off towards the Moon on August 14 (Day 23-24) from launch.

ISTRAC will monitor the spacecraft from Bengaluru through its lifetime. In the latest episode, its engineers increased the oval orbit by about 9,500 km at the far end. The spacecraft now orbits currently at 251 km from the Earth at one end and 54,829 km at the far end.

An hour-long third manoeuvre is planned on July 29 at 2.30 p.m.

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